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Post  Jim on Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:40 pm

This is a long shot I admit, and almost as odd a request as my earlier one for an old railway carriage (still looking)......does anyone have an old hammered dulcimer tucked away in a corner, perhaps in need of a bit of love and attention....and more importantly, needing to be played? These were a common instrument in years past but have virtually faded into obscurity....you may even have one and not know what it is.....looks like a harp which is played on a table top or similar, the strings being struck with stick like hammers....some of them were small and portable, others were made into pieces of furniture which resembled a side table. If you would like to see and hear such an instrument, visit the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club website at www.dulcimer.org.uk/index.html


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