Aberdeenshire Rural Broadband Pilot Projects

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Aberdeenshire Rural Broadband Pilot Projects Empty Aberdeenshire Rural Broadband Pilot Projects

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:39 pm

Through the Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER Programme, Aberdeenshire Council is supporting four
pilot projects to improve Broadband connectivity - see attached weblink for


Further to this, Aberdeenshire Council has been undertaking more research
re ICT connectivity through Aberdeen City & Shire Economic Future (ACSEF),
a public/private partnership, one of the strands of which is rural

They have been asked to identify 3 rural communities (Upper
Deeside, Upper Donside areas) that could pilot technology being supported
through a Uni of Aberdeen initiative. There are a range of sources that
could be used to match fund the budget the Uni has to roll out the pilot

If you are keen to help improve your broadband could you contact me. Liz Burn - email lizburn@btinternet.com


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