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Tullynessle Film Club  2011/12 season Empty Tullynessle Film Club 2011/12 season

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The new season is just starting and there are loads of brilliant films due to be shown. Check out their website

The King's Speech
Friday 7th October, 7:30pm
(Tom Hooper, UK, 2010, 118 mins, cert 15). Colin Firth takes a star turn as King George VI battling with his stammer against the backdrop of the world changing events of the 1930s. Geoffrey Rush is Lionel Logue, the coach who helps this private man in a public triumph.
Jar City
Thursday 20th October, 7:30pm
(Baltasar Kormakur, Iceland, 2007, 94 min, cert 15). A gripping puzzle to be solved in this thriller from the far north. Parallel investigations using the country’s genetic database eventually cross as the grizzled investigator and a bereaved parent near their goals.

The Space Between
Thursday 3rd November, 7:30pm
(Tim Barrow, UK, 2009, 85 min, cert 15) With the cityscape of Edinburgh playing a third character, this intimate story sees two lonely souls slowly drawn to each other from the heights of Blackford Hill to the closes of the old town. Includes a unique chance to hear from the director in person following the screening.
A Single Man
Thursday 17th November, 7:30pm
(Tom Ford, USA, 2009, 99 min, cert 12a). Another quality performance from Colin Firth as the university professor mourning the loss of his lover. Gucci designer Ford’s touch is evident in Firth’s immaculate surroundings as he walks as if in a dream through his grief, searching for the answers he might find in a new relationship.

Film Club Quiz Night
Saturday 19th November, 7:30pm
Come along for an evening of fun and brain teasing as we raise funds for the Film Club. Teams of up to 4. £5 per person. Raffle and fabulous prizes to be won. (Not just film questions!)
Chico and Rita
Thursday 1st December, 7:30pm
(Fernando Trueba, Javier Marischal, Spain/UK, 2010, 96 min, cert 15). This year’s animation is set in the world of 1940s jazz. Moving from Cuba to the USA this passionate story follows the romance of penniless pianist Chico and beautiful singer Rita as they pursue their dreams in the nightclubs of Havana and New York.

A Frenchmans Guide to Love
Thursday 29th December, 7:30pm
(Jackie Oudney, UK, 2009, 87 min, cert 15) A wry look at the differences between romance and love in France and Britain. Eric Cantona is the self-appointed expert handing out advice to Hugh Bonneville’s jaded journalist.
Thursday 5th January, 7:30pm
(Yojiro Takita, Japan, 2008, 130 min, cert 12a). A disappointed young musician returns home to answer an intriguing advert. Funny and profound the film highlights the hero’s internal conflicts as he tries to keep his new career a secret.

London River
Thursday 19th January, 7:30pm
(Rachid Bouchareb, France/Algeria/UK, 2009, 87 min, cert 15 ). In the aftermath of the July bombings two very different parents arrive in London seeking their missing children. Elizabeth is overwhelmed and suspicious, especially of African migrant worker Ousmane. However their paths inevitably conjoin as the film moves to its conclusion.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Thursday 2nd February, 7:30pm
(Julian Schnabel, France, 2007, 111 min, cert 12a). Does the film do justice to the book? A chance to discuss this issue with the story of Jean-Dominque Bauby, the editor of French Elle, who suffers from ‘locked-in syndrome’ following a stroke. Only able to move one eyelid he dictates his memoir. Copies of the book available to borrow

Thursday 16th February, 7:30pm
(llisa Barbash, Lucien Castaing-Taylor, USA, 2011, 101 min). Following a family of Norwegian-American herders who have been taking their sheep on a 150 mile trail to summer pastures since the 19th century this film portrays a dying way of life.

The Page Turner
Thursday 1st March, 7:30pm
(Denis Dercourt, France, 2006, 85 min, cert 15). A taut portrayal of the enduring power of revenge. At ten Melanie’s entrance exam to the Conservatoire is disturbed by renowned pianist Ariane. Flash forward and the adult Melanie is now an integral but unrecognized part of Ariane’s household with the power to exact her revenge

Shorts and Docunentaries Night
Thursday 15th March, 7:30pm
Programme to be announced
Ceilidh with Clachan Yell
Saturday 24th March
Doors open 7.30pm

Mid August Lunch
Thursday 29th March, 7:30pm
(Gianni Di Gregorio, Italy, 2009, 75 min, cert 12a). Di Gregorio portrays the middle-aged Gianni saddled with a variety of woes which include the paying the rent and caring for his elderly mother. The situation is compounded as two more elderly ladies arrive for the weekend. A wonderful and warm semi improvised character piece.


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